My very first ever, ever, ever blog!!

Now I haven’t quite got the hang of the whole uploading pictures thing so for my first ever blog entry (yes that is right my first ever in my life blog. This is very special!!) it is just going to be writing. As you can guess from the title this is indeed a food blog. But also a life blog, a having no money blog and a being a bit all over the place blog. But the most important thing to know about this whole endeavor is that I am super healthy. I love eating well and eating properly. But and this is also a VERY important thing to know I am a bit of a messy little lady. This is the first time I have ever had an Ok relationship with food. That is partly because recently I found out that due to many, many reasons I can no longer eat wheat or dairy. So I had to completely overhaul my way of eating and literally become the girl that nobody wants at the dinner party. For a while this was very annoying and upsetting and then over a period of time I realised that I felt deadly and that for the first time in my life I could be the size I wanted to be and ACTUALLY eat!! This was a very exciting prospect. Food became fun, something to look forward to, something to think about in your spare time, something that is made and eaten with love. 

Now there will be people who read that are like Oh no this is a crazy diet blog. It is not a crazy diet blog!! I swear!! I am just being honest. I am young and I enjoy being slim and I love to eat. I obsessively think about food. And this is why I thought I would start this. Because there are so many people out there who are in the same boat as me. Who may or may not have prescribed to the whole ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ method of thinking. And it is not true. People like me who struggle and make things so hard for themselves. The whole weight thing becomes so hard and so difficult and almost like a mystery they will never crack. And eating loses it’s fun. It loses whatever specialness it once possessed and just becomes an ordeal. A game that not one person is enjoying.

Then! THEN!! One day I woke up and was like. I am sick of this!! I want it to be fun again!! I want there to be the excitement there was when you were a smallie and you were baking with your mom and she let you lick the spoon. And I figured why can’t it be. Why does it all have to be so complicated and such an uphill struggle all the time?? Why can’t you just eat good, wholesome, hopeful dishes that make you feel like you are living the life you are want. 

And here is my attempt to do just that. The last year has just been one big learning curve. I moved out of home, I broke up with my lovely, lovely boyfriend, I got a full time job on top of college in a place I hated and almost had a nervous breakdown then I got another job which I loved and then subsequently lost and I went off boys for months. Making exceptions only for hideous sewer dwellers. And here I am now. I have spent the last while learning about being independent, cooking for myself ALL THE TIME and living off absolutely nothing more often than not. And all the while just having trying to be a little young.

So that is a little bit of a back story for you all to be getting on with!


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