Hopeful, healthy and perfect for the rare Irish sun!

Orange, feta, broccoli, piccolo tomato and quinoa salad.

So here is how it is done!

(This is enough for one person. Double or triple as needed!)


  • Half a head of broccoli (blanched, then tossed in a HOT saucepan with crushed garlic and oil)
  • One orange, cut into segements
  • 25g of Feta cheese
  • 60g of quinoa (follow the cooking instructions on the back of the pack)
  • 1 tablespoon of vinegar (I used cider but it depends on personal preference)
  • 6 cherry tomatoes cut in half (I used piccollo)

Then it is as simple as tossing it all together. I ate it with a salad and then some flapjacks for dessert. my reasoning behind spending all of my weeks tips (and essentially the only money I have to live off) on quinoa and oranges was that it was sunny!! In Ireland!! It actually feels like May. Also because all of my friends were in work and I was billy no mates for the evening, the one lonely lady sitting gazing mournfully at the Liffey wondering how I was possibly going to cycle home with all of my purchases. However once I got home and embarked on my meal making I felt instantly better. THE POWER OF GOOD FOOD!

A slight variation on the above.

Today due to the fact that I still have no money I was looking down the barrel of the same cupboard with the same ingredients. HOWEVER all this changed when I found one slightly bruised apple. This time I made almost the same dish except I replaced the orange with an apple, left out the feta and used a spoon of wholegrain mustard instead.

The method was marginally more complicated (by that I mean very, very marginally).

  1. Cook the quinoa according to the box.
  2. Cook the broccoli until it goes bright green and then immediately drain it.
  3. Heat up a pan. Add in the chopped garlic (I loooove garlic so my view is the more the better).
  4. Cube the apple. Add the apple to the garlic, toss it around for like one minute. Add the broccoli.
  5. Add the quinoa, the halved tomatoes, the cider vinegar and the mustard. Keep it on the heat while mixing it.
  6. Serve! Enjoy!

One teeny tiny variation on the whole quinoa thing.

As you can guess by all the variations I am LIVING off Quinoa at the moment. So here is Saturday’s variation. It is more like a risotto than anything else. Cook your 60g of quinoa with half a cup of of water and one cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. then when it has absorbed all the liquid add in your salt and cider vinegar. Leave it to rest for a minute or two. Then add in a big spoon of soft goats cheese and stir in until dissolved (melted??). It should be a cheesy, orange-y mess. I ate mine with , surprise surprise, a green salad and cherry tomatoes. It was delicious!



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