The worlds worst cyclist

As you know I am big into the healthy lifestyle thing. I rarely take public transport or go in cars. Instead I walk and cycle EVERYWHERE. This would lead you to the conclusion that I was in some shape or form good at it. Oh no! Quite the contrary. I would go so far as to say I was the worlds WORST cyclist. I frequently cry while on my bike. Out of fear. I fear everything, young children, old people, crossing the road, cars, other cyclists, traffic lights, cycling in the rain, cycling in the dark. The list is endless. Another thing that happens too often when I am on my bike is that upon dismounting the whole thing falls with a clatter to the ground. This is actually quite dramatic looking. I have had cars stop before and ask me am I ok. Yes I am ok, I just apparently have no control over the inanimate object I am holding with both my hands. I am also very slow. Who knows why?! I think I am cycling at the speed of light. When I was younger I used to cycle through the park on my way to school. There was this Junkie (for those not in the know a junkie is someone who is addicted to heroin) who had the same schedule as me. Every morning without fail he would over take me,despite the fact that he was both smoking, drinking and cycling all at the same time. Sometimes I start laughing while cycling too, then suddenly I have turned into the slow, shaky cyclist in the red helmet being overtaken by children of five years of age who is smiling inanely to herself. And yet I persevere. Because I KNOW IT’S GOOD FOR ME. And Because I have no other way of getting around. Everyday when I am cycling slowly home, sobbing silently to myself I think……..I am helping my heart. Next time you think “Oh I won’t do that I will look stupid” think of me falling off a stationary bike and just do it.


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