The Sleep Operation

Recently I got a new job. After a year of working normal restaurant hours (getting home at twelve o’clock, working fourteen hour shifts) I have some how stumbled upon a pot of gold. I now work from Eight in the morning to Four in the evening most days. WHICH IS AMAZING. Except that all of my housemates still work the hours I used to work. I live with three other girls and we all are chefs, which back in the heady days of no breaks and demented head chefs was comforting because we were all in the same boat. However now that I am no longer it is just a pain. Because if I don’t wait up for them then I could go a week without seeing them. And all my college friends have gone back home or are gone away which is bleak. 

This means I have a huge amount of alone time at the moment, which is sometimes lovely but can sometimes just be lonely. So what I do is I wait up for them. This means that on average I am getting about five hours of sleep a night. I am demented. It’s funny because it’s only when you don’t get enough of it that you realise how important it is. 

What not getting enough sleep does to me;

  1. I am so irrational. Case in point the other day I got into a semi screaming match with one of my chefs about a piece of paper. 
  2. I have black spots in front of my eyes all the time. 
  3. I suffer from poor concentration and foggy brain.
  4. I get through the day with the promise of a nap when I come home. Which never happens.
  5. Sometimes I take mild naps in work. The other day I was sent to the back of the kitchen to work the muffins and I used the huge dough ball as a pillow for a while. Now that is health and safety.
  6. My hands shake.
  7. When I am really tired I eat all the bleedin’ time.
  8. Sometimes I geniunely think I am going to pass out from lack of sleep.
  9. Filtering my thoughts, especially the crazy ones, is a lot harder.
  10. Everything seems too hard.

So for the month of June I am going to take my Mom’s advice and just try to get more sleep. She told me to just be lonely for a while and that in the end it would be worth it. Now I don’t know about that yet but we shall see. I just realise now that if I keep going on the way I am I will end up like Edward Norton’s character from Fight Club. I just don’t have the stamina to be beating the shit out of people all the time. I will do updates on the benefits/drawbacks as the month progresses. 


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