Operation sleep Part One

So a while ago I posted about operation sleep. The aim of the game was to get more sleep and see what happened. Well almost two weeks ago now I had to go into hospital for Five days. All I did was sleep. Then when I came home, sleep featured heavily in my schedule. I have essentially spent the last fourteen days catching up on all the shut eye that I have been missing out on for the last year.

And I feel wonderful. I can enjoy things again. Things like spending all afternoon sitting on on steps in the city centre drinking rum and tropical fruit juice with good friends. I can drink and have fun again! On Saturday I stayed up all night, dancing on tabletops and going for early morning paddles and I enjoyed myself. I didn’t cry once or think people were being horrible.  Going out and being able to function the next day is a novel feeling.

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to your mind and your ability to see the light in things. Ages ago my mom bought me this book Called the confidence trap. This book has been in my bag untouched for quite a while. Then when I had a bit of a chance I opened it and realised what I had been missing out on. The Confidence trap is a mine of useful information and tips about how not be such a bleedin’ disaster all the time i.e Me. Now that I have some wits about me I can actually use the techniques in my day to day life and they are so good!

Believe me you will be hearing so much more about The Confidence trap. This I feel like is only the beginning. 

P.S (Because it is sunny, the next time you are on Youtube Check out this song it is perfectly suited to the weather we are having. Bondax- Gold (Snakehips Bootleg)


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