My Top Twelve.

This is a list of things I looooove at the moment;

  1. Booja Booja ‘ice-cream’. The bees knees. Fact.
  2. Maple syrup. I am in love with it. The perfect substitute for sugar in baking.
  3. Brilliant song.
  4. Being able to walk around again easily. Such a relief.
  5. Electronic cigarettes. I am trying to quit and they have been such a help.
  6. The blog
  7. In the same theme Cashew butter. Filled with oleic oil and delish.
  8. Pop art lipstick. I am currently wearing Coral Queen by Rimmel but I also dabble in Morange by Mac.
  9. Daytime drinking…..not possible during the academic year.
  10. Of course….my outsiders 67. The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
  11. The Happy Pear in Greystones. Surprising value….Soup and two salads for six euro.
  12. My family. Where would I be without them??

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