Summer Time pancakes adapted from Green Kitchen Stories

So I woke up this morning and had mild breakfast related panic. At this moment in time I have 74 euro until the fifth (the fifth!?!) of august. Now luckily for me when I got paid this month I went absolutely insane and bought loads of irrelevant food products. In my defence a lot of them were on special offer so I don’t feel too bad. One of the aforementioned products was dessicated coconut which was selling in Lidl for an unbelievable 1.49. A steal!! Then the aldi down the road finally opened and it changed my life. That is how sad how I am. They had nectarines for 69c which is how this recipe was born. That and the fact that I had a day off and I like to have a good breakfast on days when I am not working. It reassures me!! Anyway so here is the recipe………

Pancakes for the sugar free creatures of the world……aka………Nectarine and coconut pancakes;

Serves two

  • half a cup of shredded coconut (or enough to bind the mixture together)
  • two eggs whisked seperately
  • two very ripe bananas mashed up into a pulp.
  • a nectarine cut up into tiny bits.

Mash your banana in a bowl separately. Whisk your eggs. Add your coconut to the bananas along with your eggs and nectarine. You want the the mixture to be thick so add enough  coconut to ensure this. You then cook it in a hot pan with either vegetable oil or coconut oil (depending on what your budget can afford that day). I like my pancakes to be small so I use a tablespoon of the mixture and then flatten it out but it really depends on what you are into. Fry them until they are golden brown on each side and serve immediately. I serve mine with natural yogurt and maple syrup if I am feeling decadent and on their own if I am not! 


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