Let’s talk about…………BOYS.

So now that I have posted a recipe I am now going to post a rant. And this is a typical twenty year old girl rant. I am not going to even try to claim I am a typical twenty year old girl………let’s just say my taste in men is…….erratic. To give you some kind of understanding I will post my top five boys……


  1. The 17 year old who wore a cowboy hat as a fashion statement……to a new years eve party.
  2. The 32 year old with mud on his face who freaked out my housemates so much they hid all of our valuable belongings under a blanket.
  3. The Spanish man who was in his thirties who dressed like Justin Bieber, lived in a hostel and didn’t speak a word of English. 
  4. The gay guy (there is always a gay guy) who made out with his friend (also a boy) while I was in the bathroom. 
  5. The boy in leggings and long hair who told me he was “digging” on me and said “do you want to go chill somewhere” non-ironically.

…….and that is just in the past year since breaking up with my boyfriend. Who I loved. Janey mack, they say that the first love is the worst but I never thought it would be this bad. We went out when I was in London and then tried to do the whole long distance thing and it all fell apart. As it turns out when you work forty five hours a week on top of a full time college course you juaren’t really in the head space to keep the romance alive. Who knew? I barely had time to wash myself let alone skype him. It was horrendous, I have found out that the only thing worse than somebody else breaking your heart is when you break your own heart. When you let somebody, anybody into your life……when you open your self up like a book and expose your spine and say “what is mine is yours and you can take everything I have. Everything that I am is yours” and it falls apart. Then what are you left with? Apparently a low sense of self worth and extremely dubious taste in men. So this year I went from being this boys very special person to being another face in the club. 

It’s really hard to find a bloke who you actually like and find attractive. Especially when facebook is at your disposal. Facebook gives you a platform to do and say the things that you would never do or say in real life. In the last few months alone I have asked out two….Two! different boys for drinks. And to clarify these have not been boys I know well or anything. There was definitely no logic to it. But in the real world I would never have done this. In the real world all those once off encounters would have stayed just that and it would have been a nice memory but it wouldn’t have gone any further unless it was supposed to. Facebook takes the specialness and excitement out of meeting somebody new because you can just find them and then see what they are about. There’s no mystery left. 

The reason that I started on this rant is because once again I have been pursued by a boy only for him to inexplicably to fall off the radar. This is something that happens quite often to me. I had one boy spot me across the dance floor, befriend my friends so he could talk to me, spend the whole night dancing with me, put his number into my phone, take my number, text me that night and the next morning only for him to suddenly stop. Madness!! I originally thought that it must be me….but no! I have asked around and this seems to be common practice. What is up?? It makes you wonder. 

Is it so hard to just be a solid lad? My final word on the matter is…….boys get your shit together. 



6 thoughts on “Let’s talk about…………BOYS.

  1. “Facebook takes the specialness and excitement out of meeting somebody new because you can just find them and then see what they are about. There’s no mystery left.”

    I can’t be in accord with this sentence. One of the best things about people is that they can still surprise you no matter how long you’ve known them. Facebook, with all its information on show, tricks you into thinking you know a person when you only know a profile. Do you really think that your own profile gives away who you are, your entire self? I don’t think it does, I don’t think it can. If it was, people wouldn’t miss meeting their friends in real life.

    • I completely agree with what you are saying in terms of real friends and virtual friends. What I meant more so was that facebook always you to stalk (which leads to madness) boys you may have only kissed once and were probably only supposed to be a frivolous fling. Also it alllows you to find out much more about virtual strangers than a you would otherwise!

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