A quick hello

This is more a drop in then a proper blog post. It is a quick hello to say that I haven’t forgotten or completely forgone the blogging the world. In fact one of the reasons that I have been so footloose and fancy free with this blog (which is no excuse I know! I know!) is because I am doing a food blogging internship with another company. What a twenty first century thing to do. This blog however involves deadlines and research and very many other things. It is very interesting though, they give a lot of constructive criticisms and tips on how to refine my writing style. It has also given me a distraction from returning to college which i viewed with a mixture of apathy and dread.

This has not been the case though. College is fine. The lecturers are grand and I don’t mind being back so much. Even though I have no job, no house (more on this in the next blog) no money I am strangely chill about the whole thing. This is a HUGE shock because normally a set of circumstances like that would be enough to drive me to despair. I think I may be growing up……..rad.


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