Let’s Talk about……..happiness

Happiness is a strange beast. We spend so much of time and lives trying to capture it with as I can see very little success rate. And yet on certain days for no reason at all its there in all its memories from childhood, the boy you like smiling at you for the first time, making that bus you were running for glory. This is because (sometimes I have these realizations and I feel the need to write them down because I know they are fleeting) happiness is in reality just a feeling. It is brothers of anger, sister of fear, aunt of sorrow. They are all one of the same emotional family tree. You could no more be happy forever than you could be continuously sad or mad. 

And we need all those other emotions to make those moments of happiness shine even brighter. It is also, like much in life, a choice. People can chose to be happy. For example I am not a happy person by nature, I am prone to a touch of the blues and melancholy. And most days I wake up and I make the conscious decision to be happy. I use mantras, I sing my favourite songs loudly in my head so that I can’t hear my own thoughts. In short I try to get on with it. For a very long time I thought I was the only one, and then I found other bright sunshine-y girls like me who were not very sunshine-y on the inside at all. So I thought that I would write this so that other people out there could read it. Don’t Hate, Appreciate.  


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