Dealing with eczema………a Few hints and tips Part 1

*I am not a doctor. These are not tips I have learnt from spending eight years in medical school. These are things I have found that work for me* The other day myself and my mom were stuck in a traffic jam together. She had picked me up from college for yet another doctors appointment. […]

Birthday cake……..(sort of)

So yesterday was my 21st Birthday!! How exciting, and exciting it may not have been but it was definitely one of the sweetest, loveliest days I have ever had! It was very family-centric which is just what you want. They indulged me in all my favourite things, slightly off-beat romcoms, bombay aloo, and of course delicious […]

A quick hello

This is more a drop in then a proper blog post. It is a quick hello to say that I haven’t forgotten or completely forgone the blogging the world. In fact one of the reasons that I have been so footloose and fancy free with this blog (which is no excuse I know! I know!) […]

Peanut butter biscuits inspired by Green Kitchen Stories

These were done instead of every single other thing I should have been doing! Enjoy. Also it doesn’t matter if you use crunchy or smooth. They work just as well with both. Ingredients; 2 cups of spelt flour (I use Doves Farm) 1 tsp baking powder 1 cup peanut butter 1/3 tahini 1/2 cup maple […]